PVFC Lolly

“I’ll be sat abroad, sucking on a lollipop”

Norman Smurthwaite, 2019, when questioned about potential administration at Port Vale


2019 was amongst the most fractious, tumultuous, and transformative years in the 125 year history of Port Vale.

The club was on a crash course with administration, and consequently liqudation, in May. This prompted the previous owner, the architect of said oblivion, to remark the quote embedded at the top of this page.

In the past half-year, however, the club has undergone a miraculous turn around that has led to me falling back in love with a club I had resigned myself to losing less than 12 months ago.

Prompted by this, I wanted to have an outlet to express my views and engage with the fanbase as we move forward into a very exciting new decade.

Come on you cheeky, cheeky Whites.